Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Review} Plurality

Plurality by Zorten Software is a great app to target irregular plural nouns through a matching memory game.

First, you'll need to pick how many card pairs you'd like to use and select the amount of players to include.

The app includes 24 different singular and irregular plural noun pairs with bright, colorful pictures including:

- antennae
- axes
- cacti
- children
- elves
- feet
- fish
- flies
- halves
- hippopotami
- leaves
- men
- moose
- mice
- fungi
- octopi
- people
- sheep
- shelves
- spies
- teeth
- thieves
- wolves
- women

Once you've selected the word pairs to use, you're ready to go!

Simply choose two cards and determine if you have a matching pair!  (Unmatched pairs also provide TONS of practice, too!)

What I love about this app:
- There are 24 singular and irregular plural noun pairs.
- The pictures are bright and easily represent the given word.
- Because it can include anywhere from 8-30 cards in a game, the app can be adjusted for various groups of students.

You can grab this fun and useful app for $1.99 in iTunes!

Disclaimer: This app was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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