Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's Fireworks!

Happy New Year! Today's post includes a free therapy activity and a review of a few products that I've recently added to my TpT store!

First up is a FREE therapy idea!! This week in speech, we made "New Year Speech Sound Fireworks". This activity is so easy and fun! I bought metallic markers at the store and printed off speech sound pictures for each of my artic students. We went to work cutting out our pictures and glued them to black paper. (Of course, we had to say our speech sound pictures at least 10 times per picture!) Repetition, repetition, repetition! Then, we got to decorating! We made crazy designs around each picture, just like fireworks that we saw (or might see) on New Year's Eve! Of course, we had to practice our words again as we decorated! I made a sample for my students to give them an idea of what to do, but they got even more creative than I was!

My example of the activity.

Even more awesome fireworks by my students! If this is an activity that you could use in your "arsenal", please consider "liking" my facebook page to stay updated on all of the activities that I post!

I've also posted a bunch of new activities at my TpT store over break. Again, you can check them out here!

Here's a closer look at some of the items I've recently added...

Build-A-Snowman: Artic (/th/, /ch/, /sh/) and Listening Comprehension
This activity includes: 36 /th/ short stories, 36 /ch/ short stories, and 36 /sh/ short stories. Students can repeat the sentence stated by the therapist, read the card on their own, or repeat the individual target words. This activity also includes 216 listening comprehension questions (two to go along with each card). In this activity, students collect cards to “build a snowman” by filling up their snowman mat, so this material is a language activity, an artic activity, and a game all in one!!!!

Every student gets a mat in order to collect their snowman parts!

/th/ sentences packed with /th/ words and two listening comprehension cards to go along with the short story.

/ch/ sentences packed with /ch/ words and two listening comprehension cards to go along with the short story.

/sh/ sentences packed with /sh/ words and two listening comprehension cards to go along with the short story.

You can pick up the /th/, /ch/, and /sh/ version of this packet here and the /s/-blends version here!

Groundhog Synonyms, Antonyms, Multiple Meaning Words, and Homophones
I have been absolutely addicted to groundhog clip art lately. It's just so cute! In honor of my new "addiction", I present Groundhog Synonyms, Antonyms, Multiple Meaning Words, and Homophones!! This activity includes 32 synonym pair cards (64 cards total), 32 antonym pair cards (64 cards total), 32 multiple meaning word cards, and 32 homophone pair cards (64 cards total)!! Take a look at some of the pages...

Synonym pairs! Match a winter groundhog with a spring groundhog!

Antonym pairs! Match a groundhog on the hill with a groundhog in the forest!

Multiple Meaning Words!

Use this extra sheet to draw pictures of both meanings of the multiple meaning words!

Homophone pairs! Students find the homophone matches and use each word in a sentence to demonstrate understanding of he correct meaning of the word!

I hope you have found some of these activities useful! Thanks for reading!


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