Monday, December 23, 2013

A Whole Slew of New Activities and GIVEAWAYS!!

I've been working on a lot of new activities lately, so I've taken some time away from my blog, but now I'm back with many new activities and giveaways!

Here's a comprehensive activity to target past, present and future verbs, called Hot Chocolate Verb Tenses!

This activity includes 60 "sort the sentence" cards where students must decide if the verb is past, present or future.

It also includes 54 practice cards for children to gain more experience with the skills that they have learned.

You can find this great grammar activity HERE!!

I always like to use the New Year as a time of reflection for my students, seeing as it's about the half way point of the year.  Therefore, I made a packet that includes reflection writing prompts, inferring questions, and prediction questions called New Year's Reflection, Inferring and Predicting Pack.

Here is one of the reflection question prompts.

This activity also includes 24 inferring scenarios...

as well as 32 predicting scenarios.

You can find this activity HERE!!

Last but not least is an activity, called New Year's Celebrations Around the World, that targets a whole host of skills including: vocabulary skills, inferencing, listening/reading comprehension (nonfiction), grammar skills through writing prompts, and articulation at the reading and conversation levels!

Eight countries are targeted in this activity.  Each one includes a page-long reading passage,

as well as a vocabulary worksheet,

and a inferencing/listening comprehension/writing prompt sheet.

You can find this activity that targets a variety of goal areas HERE!!

And now, here's the best part... You can enter the rafflecopter giveaway below to win one of two copies of "New Year's Reflection, Inferring, and Predicting Pack" or one of two copies of "New Year's Celebrations Around the World"!!

Happy Holidays!!!

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