Monday, February 9, 2015

{Product Review} "The Night Before Valentine's Day: A Book Companion for Language"

My current caseload is ridiculously diverse, so when I find a product that I can use with practically every single one of my students, I'm a happy camper!  "The Night Before Valentine's Day: A Book Companion for Language" by The Speech Owl targets twelve different goal areas, has a reinforcer page to be used with additional targets, and comes in a color and black and white versions!  *Cue happy dance!*

Here's a picture of what I started using last week and will continue using this week as well.  I LOVE that I can choose between color and black and white.  I chose to print many of the activities in black and white so that my students can circle/color/etc, which really holds their attention!

Let's take a look at all of the activities included in this packet and the variety in each goal area!

Comprehension and story retelling can be targeted in a number of different ways... 1) with open ended comprehension questions, 2) with comprehension questions with a field of three multiple choices, 3) yes/no questions about the story, or 4) story retell with sequencing pictures.  This is an awesome way to work on related goals within a group where students are at multiple levels!!

I always have students working on synonyms and antonyms.  Once again, this product targets the skill in multiple ways... 1) matching (here, I printed the cards in color and laminated them so that we can play a matching game), 2) matching worksheets (black and white version here that I'll throw into page protectors so that we can write on the pages and reuse them), and "open ended" pages were students must generate synonyms and antonyms for the given words.

Vocabulary is one of my favorite skills to work on!  This product includes tier 1 and tier 2 vocabulary, which I love!  My students working on tier 1 vocabulary will name the items and color them.  (We'll also be working on functions too!)  Tier 2 students have worked with the vocabulary flashcards this past week.  This coming week, we'll work on generating definitions for the words that we learned last week.

Regular plural nouns, irregular plural nouns, regular past tense verbs, irregular past tense verbs... These are just a few of the grammar skills that are constantly being targeted in my therapy room!  Next week, we'll be targeting with the worksheets that include pictures, since these provide a great visual of the skill.  After that, we'll move to matching, and producing plural nouns and past tense verbs on our own!  These worksheets will definitely last me multiple sessions, which is awesome!  (And "prepping" them is as easy as clickaing "print"!)

Also included in this activity are cards to target understanding negation and a generic reinforcer.  We'll be using the reinforcer to target pronouns throughout the book.  (The pictures a really cute!)

If you can believe it, this product includes 152 pages (76 in the color version and 76 in the black and white version)!!!!!  I would highly, highly recommend that you check out this product HERE!  It's only $6.50, which is a great value.  I've literally been using this product with almost my entire elementary caseload and will continue to use it this week.  It's extremely versatile in the language targets and the color vs. black and white options are awesome as well!

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