Monday, March 4, 2013

Speech Sound Touch Downs (and Other Sports Activities)!!

I am so excited for this week because it's "sports" week in my therapy room! I find that this is a theme that appeals to all of my students, young and old(er)! Check out some of my favorite activities for this week!

Here's an idea for artic and phonology. First, cut out brown footballs, as well as two white strips for each football. My students picked their favorite speech words from flashcards, we wrote them onto the white strips, and wa-la! Instant speech sound football! Here's my "demo" for the kids to see...

Once the footballs were complete, we put them onto the wall - TOUCHDOWN(S)!!

If you're in need of some extra football decorations, here's another idea. We'll be creating basic football flags this week with simple triangles and using them to target antonyms and vocabulary words/definitions. (Green and gold - can you tell I'm a Packer fan?!?!)

As much as I LOVE flashcards, I also find that they become a little boring if I don't spice them up on a regular basis, so here's a fun sport game that you can use with those flashcards. First, create a bunch of sports balls out of regular ol' paper plates.

Next, put little "all star" post-its under a few of the plates and put flashcards under each of them as well.

My students LOVED flipping the plates over and trying to find "all-star post-its" (oh, and using flashcards related to their goals too)! Let's just say there was a lot of squealing in my therapy room today! Who knew paper plates and post-its could be so much fun?!

If you're looking for even more sports themed activities, here are a few links to lots of materials at my TpT store!

Before and After Baseball

Football Functions

Football Grammar! (Is/Are, Was/Were, Has/Have, Does/Do)

Hockey Riddles

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What do you think? Could you incorporate any of these activities into your therapy room?

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