Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy (Almost) St. Patty's Day!!

Hooray for spring! St. Patrick's Day always seems to signal the start of spring (and nice-ish weather)!! Here are a few activities that we'll be using in speech this week and next to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

My kids are HIGHLY motivated by food, so I was really excited when I found this fun M&M rainbow activity over at Making Learning Fun! I'm planning to use this with the majority of my artic and grammar students this week to get lots of repetitions out of them!! (It's amazing how focused and "on" they are when there's food, especially chocolate, involved!!) Here's a look at this activity template - so cute!!

Who doesn't love a pot of gold?! Even better, who doesn't love an artic pot of gold?! This one is super easy - a black pot, a few yellow paper coins, some artic pictures and away your students will go!

Last but not least, a FREEBIE! This is an activity that can be used to target requesting, turn taking, receptive and expressive shape and color naming, or it could be used as a general reinforcer!!

As you can see, this activity includes a ton of colors and shapes!

Here's an example of one of the pages.

You can grab this FREE activity here! If you're looking for additional St. Patrick's Day activities, I have a bunch available at my TpT store. Here are just a few:

St. Patrick's Day Expressive Language Pack

St. Patrick's Day Receptive Language Pack

St. Patrick's Monsters Inferencing Pack

St. Patrick's Multiple Meaning Words

I'll give away a copy of St. Patrick's Multiple Meaning Words to one *lucky* reader, so if you'd like a copy, comment below about how you might be able to use one of these activities. :) As always, please feel free to 'like' my facebook page for freebies and flash sales!


  1. I an going to use the put of gold idea and have my students search for their coins :)

  2. Love the m&m idea (mostly because it is an excuse for me to eat them:)).
    I like to pot of gold idea too!! Thanks for the ideas!!

  3. I really likevthe pot of gold idea because you can still focus on each student's individual sound! Great idea!

  4. I like the pot of gold... cute and provides something to take home to practice and promote carryover!

  5. Anything with gold coins is a hit in my therapy room! The describing activity will be perfect for my primary MH kiddos. Although, your other St. Patrick's day activities look wonderful as well!

  6. I like your inferencing package. Most of my Navajo kiddos don't know about inferencing and predictions --- the answer I get most of the time is "I don't know".