Thursday, April 10, 2014

{Review} Preposition Remix

If I had a dollar for each student on my caseload that is currently working on prepositions, I'd be rich!  (Ok, well not rich necessarily, but it could probably fund my need for a Starbucks beverage on a daily basis!)  While prepositions are used so often in our everyday lives, they can be very difficult for children with language disabilities to understand.  Luckily, Preposition Remix by Smarty Ears makes it much easier for students to learn and practice these concepts.

Preposition Remix targets 20 different concepts with easy to interpret pictures that represent each direction word.  The concepts that are targeted in this app include:

* above
* behind
* below
* beside
* between
* closest to
* furthest
* in
* in front of
* in the middle
* inside
* near
* next to
* on
* on top of
* out
* outside of
* to the left
* to the right
* under

To begin using this app, choose which concept words you'd like to target, select the reinforcement (voice feedback vs. a tone), and customize various details of the app to make sure that it is individualized for each student.

This app starts out like most other Smarty Ears apps - select your avatar/picture and add your player(s).

Now, you're ready to begin because the app is so simple and user friendly!  In the following three pictures, the concepts "on", "below", and "furthest" are targeted.  Students must point to the picture that most accurately reflects the sentence that targets the concept word. 

Here is an example of the reinforcement once the student gets a question correct.

Once the student is done with the app for the day, the adult can collect data on the session.  (No pesky data collection during sessions!)

What I love about this app:
- It can be customized for the concept targets that a student is specifically working on.
- It is simple and straight forward.  I watched the tutorial and was able to easily use the app in less than five minutes.
- It collects data for you, allowing you to focus on teaching/modeling/prompting the student throughout the session.

You can find this awesome app to target 20 different concepts for $9.99 HERE!

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Disclaimer:  This item was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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