Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{Review} Superflex Superdecks

I am a HUGE fan of Social Thinking products and this next one doesn't disappoint!  Check out... Superflex Superdecks!!

This product, intended for children ages 8-11, helps students to become more flexible social thinkers by further practicing skills that they have learned.  Included in this material are:

- Information and general instructions booklet
- 4 copies of Unthinkables and Thinkables reference cards
- 4 copies of the five-step power plan
- 1 Unthinkables card deck
- 1 Thinkables card deck
- 1 Situation card deck
- 1 Strategy card deck

The information and general instructions booklet has you covered.  This book takes just a few minutes to read and will have you all set to get started with the decks.

The Unthinkables and Thinkables reference cards offer a quick review and description of the characters in the program.  The cards can also be used with the card deck games.

The five step power plan also offers a review of the steps to follow when facing a difficult social situation.  Thank goodness for the power pals!!

Here is a look at the card decks:

The Unthinkable and Thinkable card decks can be used as a match up game.  The goal of this game is to determine which Unthinkable is "put to rest" by the Thinkable.  (The back of the Thinkable and Unthinkable reference cards includes the answers.)

The situation card deck includes various situations in which Unthinkables are found.  The goal of this game is to determine which Unthinkables are at work in the given situation.  (Possible answers are included on the back of the reference card.)  Examples of situation cards include:

* "You fidget and lean back in your chair even though your teacher has asked you to sit in your chair the right way."
* "When your mom asks you to help put away the dishes, you don't say anything.  You just keep watching your favorite TV show."
* "You get upset and yell at your classmate because he wants to sit in the green chair - because YOU want to sit in the green chair!"

The strategy card deck includes various strategies that can be used when the Unthinkables are up to their usual high jinks.  The goal of this game is for children to think about which Unthinkable could be defeated using the strategy on the card.   (Possible answers are included on the back of the reference card.)  Examples of strategy cards include:

* "Notice where your group is so you know where to put your body to be part of the group."
* "Ask yourself, "How will they feel if I say this?"  If they would be hurt or mad, keep it in your brain."
* "Ask yourself, "Is my comment connected in some way to what the group is talking about?""

What I love about this product:
- The Superflex program, in general, is so creative and so engaging for adults and children alike.
- This one material offers at least four different games/ways to use the product.  (There are also many other ways that these cards could be used as well!)
- My favorite card deck is the situation card deck.  I find that practicing communication skills before using them out in the "real world" is so beneficial for children.  They can role play and get feedback about their interactions.

This FANTASTIC social skill product can be found for $40.00 HERE!

Disclaimer: This item was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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