Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Delightful Dollar Deals!

I'm super duper excited to unveil two new categories of products at my TpT store!  The first is a line of "Delightful Dollar Deals" and you guessed it - all of these products are just $1!!

"Apple-icious Antonyms and Synonyms" 

Target apple-icious antonyms and synonyms with this delightful dollar deal that includes 20 antonym sentences and 20 antonym word cards, as well as 20 synonym sentences and 20 synonym word cards! In this activity, students take turns drawing sentence cards, then find an appropriate antonym or synonym to take the place of the underlined word.  Grab this activity HERE!

"Back to School Barrier Activity"

Go back to school in style with this barrier activity that can be used to target receptive direction following, expressive direction following, describing skills, receptive vocabulary, expressive vocabulary, and many others! Check out this activity HERE!

"Bewitching Noun, Verb, and Adjective Sort"

Put a spell on nouns, verbs, and adjectives with this activity that includes three noun/verb/adjective reference cards, and 96 "witch leg" cards to sort into the various parts of speech categories! Grab this activity HERE!

"What Doesn't Belong: Spooky Spider Edition:

Target categories with this activity that includes 60 cards, each with 4 items listed on them. Students must determine which item doesn't belong and then state the category that the other 3 items belong to! Snag this activity HERE!

""Whooooo" Said It: An Inference Activity"

Who said it? Use your inferencing skills to determine who might have said the statement on each card. This activity includes 36 owl cards that can be used to target this skill!  Check out this activity HERE!

Stay tuned... More delightful dollar deals to come!

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  1. These look great!! Thank you for sharing!