Friday, August 2, 2013

{Review} Facilitating Word Recall

I recently wrote a blog post about strategies to improve word finding, because I have many students (and adults - as I work in subacute rehab facilities) that are working on this goal area.  Great Ideas for Teaching also has a fantastic resource to target this skill, called "Facilitating Word Recall".

This book includes 100 reproducible pages that target word recall in a variety of activities.

Here is my favorite activity in the book.  Each 2-page unit includes a picture page with four different pictures.

On the instructor's worksheet, there are 6 questions for each picture that target frequently used words associated with the picture.

Another option in this book is a fill-in-the-blank with picture cues choice.

Some of the prompts include:

- "I put ketchup on my ___________."
- "Mother wore a strand of ___________."
- "The blades whirled on the ____________."
- "The whole was made with a ____________."

Students must look through the pictures and name the picture on the page that appropriately fills in the blank.

Still another option in this book is a fill-in-the-blank with picture prompts.  The pictures do not indicate the answer to the question, but help a student determine the correct response to the question.

Some of the prompts include:

- "A boy lives in a ___________."
- "Monkeys live in a ___________."
- "Cows and horses live on a ___________."
- "Birds fly in the ____________."
- "Whales live in the ____________."

The last option in this book includes labeling objects seen in a picture with prompts as necessary.  (The pictures invite a lot of language and further discussion than just naming objects.)

What I love about this book:
- It includes many different ways to target a student's ability to recall words.  Variety is the spice of life, after all!
- Because the instructor's worksheet is so self explanatory, the activities can easily be sent home with students as homework.

You can find this fantastic word recall resource for $29.50 HERE!

Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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