Saturday, September 21, 2013

{Review} Tense Builder

Past, present, and future tense verbs can be difficult for students to understand and utilize, which is why Tense Builder by Mobile Education Store really comes in handy!

This first screen makes adjusting the settings a snap.  In my opinion, the most important features of the settings function are determining the level of play (1 vs. 2), the tense (future, present, or past), and the verbs (regular or irregular).

Then, you can add your student(s).

Level 1
When you start using the app and get to the videos, you'll need to choose to play the movie.  A short movie will pop up for the students to watch.  Typically, the video depicts a short sequence of events.

Then, students must choose the picture that accurately represents the sentence displayed at the top of the screen.

The student can even record the sentence that describes the picture.

If a student chooses an incorrect answer, they are provided with a short video to watch that explains the past, present, and future tense of each verb in detail.  Here, the video describes the difference between "will fill", "is filling", and "filled".

Level 2
In level 2, students can choose the correct word or phrase to fill in the blank.

You can also keep track of correct responses, as well as the level, and how many tries it took a student to get the correct answer.

What I love about this app:
- It uses short cartoons "skits", which go a long way in grabbing and holding a student's attention.
- It targets a goal area that, at least in my experience, is very common.
- It provides various levels that can be used with a range of students.

This awesome verb app is available at iTunes for $19.99.

Disclaimer: This app was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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