Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Halloween Speech and Language Activities!

Happy almost Halloween!  In case you're looking for a few last minute spooky activities and crafts (or just want to start planning for next year) take a look at what's been going on in my speech room over the last month.

Spooky Activity #1: Speechie Spiders and Webs
We used this activity to target articulation/phono skills.  Make 4-5 concentric circles, then take a skinny object (we used the edge of an unsharpened pencil) and make lines from the center of the web out to the largest circle.  The spider made from each child's hands is my favorite part!

Spooky Activity #2: Spider Web Toss
I made these spiders last year using fabric, beans, pom poms, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.  (Oh, and a lot of hot glue!)

I also made this web in my therapy room with masking tape.  Students stand in front of the web and toss a spider at the web, receiving points for the spot that the spider lands on.  This is an easy reinforcement activity that my students asked for again this year, and have already requested for next year as well!

Spooky Activity #3: Black Cat Concepts
To work on adjectives and concepts, I made these cats.  If you tape the cat body to a cookie sheet, then put contact paper down so that the sticky side is up, you can create a fun sticky board!  I made big pink ears, little black ears, a long thick tail, a short thin tail, etc.  Students can request items for their own cat or tell another student what to put on the cat.

Spooky Activity #4: Artic Witch Hats
I love these witch hats with artic words on them.  (Oh, and my students did as well!)

Take a small paper plate and cut about 7-8 slits in the middle.  Tape the triangle slits to the inside of the hat.  Paint the hat black as shown above, cut out circles for artic words and wa-la - instant speech and language witch hat!

Spooky Activity #5: Not-So-Spooky Spider Snacks
These little spider crackers were so easy to make.  Two crackers, some type of filling such as peanut butter, jelly, etc, pretzel sticks for legs, and chocolate chips for eyes.  We created these in our snack group and targeted requesting, turn taking, attributes, etc.

Spooky Activity #6: Spider Describing
I must be on a definite spider kick, but these next little guys were so easy.  I created these spiders by painting parts of an egg carton, gluing one edge together, and then adding googly eyes and pipe cleaners.  I put small pictures of items that the spider had "eaten" in its mouth.  Then, we used our EET to describe the items that the spiders had eaten.

Spooky Activity #7: Colorful Spiders
Last, but not least, is a colorful spider.  (No, not a black turtle as many of my students called it...)  I used this activity mostly with my little guys working on syntax, interrogative and expanded sentence length.  I painted a paper plate black, added a head, then colored clothespins various colors.  Student would ask, "Can I pick a leg?" or they could select a "leg" from a bin and state, "I have the purple/blue/orange leg."

What are your favorite Halloween activities and crafts?  Please feel free to share!

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  1. The ideas are so fun! No witches or offering food allowed where I am, but fun ideas!!