Sunday, March 9, 2014

{Review} Auditory Comprehension/Vocabulary Activities for Non or Minimally Verbal Children

Here is a wonderfully versatile workbook from Great Ideas for Teaching that is intended for non or minimal verbal children.  (But wait, there's more - continue reading to see all of the goal areas that it could be used to reach!)  Introducing, Auditory Comprehension/Vocabulary Activities for Non or Minimally Verbal Children

This material is intended to "provide structured comprehension lessons and vocabulary building for young children".  The book uses many pictures so that children can indicate how much they know receptively without having to verbally express their ideas.  It is intended for children ages 3-7.

There are 38 two-page lessons in this book.  Each one contains a student worksheet that has many different pictures (6-12) and an instructor's worksheet.

Instructor's worksheet questions include directions such as:
- "Point to someone who is riding a tricycle."
- "Point to someone who is hitting a ball."
- "Point to someone who is blowing bubbles."
- "Circle someone who is being kind to animals."
- "Put two lines under someone who is a very good jumper."
- "Put an X under someone who has her feet on pedals."

(The level two directions are a bit more difficult than the level one directions for differentiation.)

In addition to using this book for children who have minimal verbal skills, it could also be used to target:
- pronouns (subjective and objective)
- third person singular verbs
- present progressive verbs
- regular/irregular past tense verbs
- more advance vocabulary
- object descriptions
- 2-step and 3-step directions

You can find this fantastically diverse workbook for $32.00 HERE!

Disclaimer:  This item was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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