Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{Review} Speedy Speech

Lately, I've been seeing really good progress from my artic students who are seen more often for shorter sessions, so I was excited when Speedy Speech contacted me and asked me to review one of their products.  This program attempts to remediate sound errors through short 5-10 minute one-on-one drill sessions.  Currently, they make products for /r/, /s/, /l/, and /g/, and are coming out with a /th/ product soon as well.  Today, I will be sharing my opinions on the /s/ edition.

Each book contains: 
  • Program Guide with Step-by-Step Directions and the Latest Therapeutic Techniques
  • Auditory Bombardment Sets containing 360 words
  • Auditory Discrimination Pair Sets
  • Sound Bridge
  • Illustrated Drill Sheets Containing:
     - 360 One and Two Syllable Word Trials in Initial, Medial, 
                      and Final Target Sound Positions
     - 360 Phrase Trials
     - 360 Sentence Trials
  • Record Forms
  • Monthly Homework Calendars
  • A Variety of Parent and Teacher Letters
  • Motivational Charts and Certificates

The program includes eight different stages designed in an appropriate hierarchy of sound development.
* Stage 1 - Sound in isolation
* Stage 2 - Sound in syllables and consonant-vowel combinations
* Stage 3 - Sound in the initial position of one and two syllable words
* Stage 4 - Sound in the final position of one and two syllable words
* Stage 5 - Sound in the medial position of one and two syllable words
* Stage 6 - Sound in phrases
* Stage 7 - Sound in sentences
* Stage 8 - Sound in conversational speech

Mastery is considered to be 90% accuracy over three trials.  This is expected before moving on to the next stage.

Here is an auditory bombardment list for initial /s/ and /s/ cluster words.  It is recommended that each session begin with auditory bombardment.

The next two pictures highlight stages 3, 6, and 7.  There are pictures, words, phrases, and sentences of one syllable and two syllable initial /s/ and /s/ clusters.

The picture below demonstrates stage 8, as it includes conversational speech prompts.

Also included in this book are RTI progress monitoring sheets, a letter to the teacher, a letter to the parent, scheduling forms, practice tips, homework directions, and rating scales.  I really love the homework (as pictured below) because it includes a short artic activity for everyday.

What I like about this product:
- It methodically moves through a logical hierarchy of sound development.
- It includes extensive word lists of the targeted sound in all positions.
- I really like the "at a glance" monthly homework pages so that students have practice with their sounds on a daily basis.
- The program comes in one easy to use book so that sessions can run more efficiently without the SLP flipping through a bunch of papers, cards, etc.

You can find this great artic resource for $89.00 HERE and you can check out all of the other products that the company offers as well.

Disclaimer:  This product was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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  1. Speedy Speech is a great program that is easy to use and EFFECTIVE! I love using it with my school aged students and have seen great results. The pics are colorful and kid-friendly and the rhyming words directly targets students' needs -- without carrying around a lot of stuff. I highly recommend this comprehensive program to any therapist working on articulation.