Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hello Blogging World!!

Hello! I am a speech-language pathologist in Cudahy, Wisconsin. I absolutely love my job because I can be creative and collaborate with other amazing professionals! I have decided to start this blog in order to feature products that I have created as well as share free and/or inexpensive activities that I do in therapy. In addition to individual and group therapy sessions, I also run a snack bunch group with our great special ed teacher, co-treat with our wonderful occupational therapist, and co-teach with an amazing 4th grade teacher. So in addition to sharing ideas, I will also focus on these somewhat more unique aspects of my job. Please feel free to share thoughts and ideas as to what activities you would like to see added to my blog! Thanks for reading!

Each week or two, I use a different theme in my therapy room.  This last week, our theme was gingerbread men!! 

One of the most fun activities we've done all year - we turned the outside of the speech room into a gingerbread house!!!  I cut small strips of red and white paper and wrote artic words onto the pieces that I had cut.  Then my students marble painted each sheet in the opposite color (red got white paint, white got red paint).  They loved shaking the shoe box and most were pretty curious when we took the top off to reveal perfectly decorated “candy cane pieces”.  A few asked how the paint got on the paper.  J  My language students’ tasks were a bit more varied.  Students that were working on attributes tackled the candy canes.  They wrote a word that I had given them at the top of the candy cane and then filled in the white space of the candy cane with attributes that described the original word.  We also put wh-questions onto the gumdrops and answered who, what have/doing, and where questions.  A lot of my students are working on synonyms and antonyms, so we got out our peppermint swirl candies and for this activity.  I wrote “a word that means the opposite of /same as big/glad/tiny/etc is” and then they filled in the word.  Last but not least were the lollipops… which took on the students working on “go togethers.”  Again, students wrote down a word that “goes with” with a word I said.  I’m not sure who was more excited about this activity – the kids or myself but either way, we had a great time in speech this week! 

In addition to this idea, I’ve also posted some of my other gingerbread-themed materials at my brand new teacherspayteachers store.  So far, I’ve included 2 category naming activities (one where students name the category that all of the objects fit into and the other where students name items that belong in a category), a 76-page phonological processes “baking” activity (my students LOVED this activity this past week and I got lots of repetitions from them – win win!), a compare/contrast holiday-themed activity, and a synonym match activity. 

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  1. I love your gingerbread house speech decor!!! So cute!!! Thanks for the freebies you posted at TPT, too!

  2. First of all, LOVE the gingerbread house decoration!!! I pretty much change my decorations once a year, lol! Second, Cudahy! That's a blast from my past!!! I went to Marquette! Welcome again to the blogging world!

    Carrie's Speech Corner

  3. SO cute! Welcome to blogland! :)

  4. I love your speech decorations! (Kinda jealous right now.) ;) I've been on a gingerbread kick right now, but never thought to make my room (or door) into a gingerbread house. Now I know what I'm doing next year. Lol.

    Anyway, welcome to the blogging word. I'm pretty new to it myself.

    Talking With Rebecca

  5. the gingerbread idea! LOVE ANYTHING gingerbread men! I could spend all winter on gingerbread men if I allowed myself! Also just bought "gingerbread man loose in the school" from STINKIN'cute!! LOVE that book....check it out if you haven't its great! Also love that you are sharing these great ideas and have pictures to boot! Just an idea that will help your followers...most people look for pictures and don't read unless they see something of if you have materials in your TpT store you want people to a pic (so save a JPEG version of 1 or 2 pages of materials so people get an idea)...or people will not take the time to look up your store. Also post links directly to those materials. I have found the easier you make it for people to see your materials and ideas the more followers you will have. Just a few thoughts! Good luck!!!

  6. Hey I just realized you just started your blog and so did I! Any tips on starting a Teachers Pay Teachers page? I want to start making my own stuff too and I totally realized I had already downloaded your gingerbread man stuff!

    1. As far as TpT is concerned, I would say be really careful about the graphics you use as there are some pretty technical terms of use. I "joined" GraphicsFactory, which I like because it's pretty cut and dry and there are a lot of graphics to use. Good luck with TpT if you decide to do it and thanks for reading my blog!