Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Polar Board Pete Multiple Meaning Words and a **FREE** Therapy Idea

A lot of my older students are working on multiple meaning words so I decided to post an activity to target this area... Oh, and I was hooked on the cute polar bear clip art the moment I saw it! I bring you - Multiple Meaning Words with Polar Bear Pete, which includes 20 pairs for a total of 40 cards. To Play: Students select one Pete the Polar Bear card and state the word that is being defined. Then, they must find the cave card with a different meaning for the same word. Find a match and take another turn. The student with the most matches at the end of the game wins! Also included with this download is a game board for another variation of the activity!
This first page tells you all about the product and how to play the game.
This is an an example of the multiple meaning pair cards. See what I mean about these cute graphics from GraphicsFactory?!
For a variation of this game, I've also included a polar bear game board. My kids love anything that seems remotely like a game, so I hope your kids will like this too! Grab this great activity here In addition to posting various materials, I will always try to also include one completely free idea that only takes a little bit of craftiness! I co-teach 2 classroom lessons per week with my friend, Sara, who is an amazing 4th grade teacher. This week we were targeting academic vocab and since the holidays are right around the corner, we decided to create some vocab lights to decorate her tree. We used our Ellison machine to cut out light bulbs and wrote a vocabulary word on the metal part of the light bulb and definitions on the actual bulb part.
Next, we passed out all of the pieces to the students. Each student had to read their "bulb definition" and then the person who had the word that was being defined would hold up their word and shout it out. Once the word and definition were matched, kids taped both parts together.
The kids loved the activity and it really made them think! Hope you might be able to use this activity in your room too!

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