Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Grinch Visits Our Speech Room!!

If you’re looking for a last minute holiday idea for your speech room, look no further than the Grinch! Here is an activity that we did this week in our room…

My friend’s amazingly artistic son made this fantastic Grinch out of poster board which you are welcome to recreate, or you could also just print out a few Grinch coloring sheets. I like this one from Since the Grinch's heart was too small, we gave him a little more love and put hearts with our artic pictures on him in order to make his heart bigger.

By the end of the session, we had put enough hearts on the Grinch to make his heart a regular size again!

If you've already moved on from holiday activities and are looking for something more "wintery", here are a few more options...

Polar Bear Articulation - Early 8

This is activity is broken into 2 different sets - /m/, /b/, /n/, "y" and /d/, /p/, /h/, /w/. Here's how to play this activity. Laminate the polar bear and cut it apart into 3 pieces for beginning, middle, and end sounds. Laminate and cut apart the sound picture cards. Either lay the polar bear parts out onto the table or attach them to tap lights as shown below.

The intent of this activity is to allow the student to determine where they hear their sound in the word (beginning, middle, end), so they select a card and decide where the targeted sound is located. Students then touch the polar bear corresponding to where they hear their sound.

This has been such a fun activity! If this is an activity that you think you could use in your classroom, you can access the /m/, /b/, /n/, "y" unit here and the /d/, /p/, /h/, /w/ unit here!

Last but not least, a few last minute New Year's activities...

New Year's Listening Comprehension

I just can't get enough listening comprehension activities for my students. For whatever reason, this is just a tough area for many of them, so we are constantly working on this area. This activity includes 24 reading comprehension cards as well as a game board. Each card contains a short passage and two questions about the passage for a total of 48 reading comprehension questions!! The questions basically make up a story about New Year's for a great, themed activity!

This activity is available at my TpT store here!

New Year's Style Fact vs Opinion

This activity includes 32 “complete the sentence with a fact” cards,

32 “state an opinion about a situation” cards,

32 “fact or opinion” cards where students have to determine if a statement is a fact or opinion,

12 “my favorite fact and opinion” where students receive a card and have to draw their favorite ________ (food, sport, etc) and then state one fact and one opinion about it,

1 visual aid card with fact and opinion definitions and examples.

Also included in this activity is a New Year’s game board!

If you'd like to include this activity in your New Year's lessons, you can grab it here!

Common Core Based Language Assessment

The last activity that I've posted lately is an informal assessment tool. This item is based off of the common core for kindergarten through fifth grade in the area of language arts (specific to speech and language pathology). Each grade level document features 8-10 questions that can be used to determine useful goals for each student. Appropriate answers are given from kindergarten through third grade. Answers are not given for the fourth and fifth grade "assessments" since these students are more adept at reading and the assessment does not need to be given verbally to these students. Although this assessment is comprehensive, it is also very "grammar-based". This is an awesome material for obtaining a better idea of each student's strengths and weaknesses!

You can check out this material here!

As a little "head's up", next week, I'll be participating in a "Tangled Tuesday" with Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl. We'll BOTH be offering Christmas Day freebies as well as reviewing some great products! Stay tuned!

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