Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Review} Animation Station 2

"Animation Station 2" is a great Talk It Rock It product that features a fun and musical way to expand speech and language skills.

It uses various techniques to give children opportunities to "imitate sounds, words, and phrases, learn new concepts and vocabulary, and build interaction and social skills", according to the Talk It Rock It website.

"Animation Station 2" includes 13 animated songs, such as:
1) "Hi"
2) "Vowels"
3) "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy"
4) "People Puppy"
5) "A Monkey, a Moose, a Mouse"
6) "Tiny Tony"
7) "Fish, Sharks, and Shells"
8) "Talk and Look"
9) "Bus, Boat, Bike"
10) "I See a Bug"
11) "Owie"
12) "Where Did My Shoes Go?
13) "Snowman"

I've decided to share images of two songs with you to give you a taste of what this product is like.  "Puppy People" shows images of people doing all of the actions that dogs do.  This song is great for basic action words, -ing endings, -ed endings, pronouns, etc.

"Where Did My Shoes Go?" features a boy trying to locate his shoes and is a great way for students to learn positional words such as down, up, in, out, high and low.

I would love a printed sheet of the lyrics that are used in the songs, especially when I'm looking to target a specific concept and would like to find the best song to do the trick!

Overall, this is a great item to target sound, word, and phrase imitation, as well as concepts, vocabulary, and social interaction!  You can find this item for $15.99 (on sale from $19.99) HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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