Sunday, June 23, 2013


I was recently looking for summer activities, when I found a fun and easy language beach ball activity from Jenn at Crazy Speech World.  Since I recently dismantled my beach themed therapy room, I had a ton of beach balls laying around, so I decided to create some artic and language activities with them.

The bottom ball is for artic.  Students say their word/phrase/sentence/etc however many times they "land" on.   I also created an attribute beach ball and an association beach ball.  For the attribute ball, the SLP states an "attribute category" (e.g. "function", "where it is found", "parts of the object", etc). Then, the students throw the ball back and forth, stating the correct attribute category for the item that they land on.  For the association beach ball, the student simply states an item goes with the word that they "land" on.  This activity can really be adapted for any speech and language goals and adds an extra "thrill" to straight drilling!  Thanks Jenn, for sharing this great idea!

Can you think of any other speech and language beach ball activities that you could create?

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  1. Aw thanks Lindsey! I love your artic ball!! I also have a WH question ball, each color section on the ball is a different question word and you can work on asking AND answering questions! Beach balls are awesome!

    Crazy Speech World