Wednesday, June 5, 2013

{Review} "More Prefixes and Suffixes" by CTP!

I've been looking for new materials to use with my students who are learning about prefixes and suffixes, so I was very happy to review "More Prefixes and Suffixes" by Creative Teaching Press because it is a comprehensive way for students to gain more understanding of this very important skills.

"More Prefixes and Suffixes" increases a student's reading comprehension by expanding their vocabulary knowledge.  It includes 18 units on the following prefixes: e-, ex-, in-, non-, il-, im-, in-, ir-, pro-, retro-, an-, anti-, ab-, ad-, de-, dif-, dis-, dys-, equ-, equi-, hemi-, semi-, cent-, centi-, dec-, deca-, penta-, oct-, sol-, soli-, multi-, ato-, self-, micro-, mega-, megal-, and megalo-.  Also included in this book are 6 units with the following suffixes: -less, -ness, -ist, -ish, -ful, and -ion.

Each unit includes:

- a "Word List" to study base words with their prefixes and/or suffixes, as well as their meanings,

- matching "Vocabulary Sort" cards to match up vocabulary words to their definitions,

- "Application and Practice" matching, sentence fill-in-the-blank sheets, or crossword puzzles,

- "Read-Around Review", similar to "I Have, Who Has", for small group practice with prefixes and suffixes,

- "Vocabulary Quiz" sheets that include multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions.

In addition, the book contains a "getting started" page that breaks down activities into five different lessons and lays out what activities to present each day, as well as an "answer key" at the end of the book.

I love that this book breaks down prefixes and suffixes into easy to learn lessons with so much practice!  I would love to see additional pictures with these lessons in order for visual learners to be able to easily learn prefixes and suffixes.  Overall, I would highly recommend this activity book to anyone who is working on prefixes and suffixes!

You can find this great resource for $19.99 on CTP's website!

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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