Sunday, June 2, 2013

{Review} Storytelling Fun!

Retelling stories is always a tough skill for my students to acquire, so just imagine how excited I was to take a look at a felt board set by Storytelling Fun! that helps students retell one of my favorite books, Rumble in the Jungle!

There are many ways to use this product!  My students used it to retell the story in the correct order using sequencing words such as "first", "next", "then", "after that", "last", etc.

The characters can also be used to teach prepositions such as "under", "over", "next to", "middle/center", "corner", "top", "bottom", etc. In this activity, I starting giving directions as to where the characters should go, and then the students took over telling their peers and me where to put the items.

The product can also be used to teach basic syntax skills.  I have a few students working on forming sentences with the words in the correct order, so this activity worked great for them!  The pieces were divided among the students and then when we talked about their animal, they would raise their hand and say "I have the _____."

Last but not least, this activity is also awesome for increasing a student's understanding of attributes.  We put all of the characters on the board and then took turns explaining the animals by color, size, etc.

I really like that the characters are durable and a good size.  I love that this item is so diverse.  There are really so many ways that it can be used in therapy sessions.  I'm sure that you can think of even more ideas than I have to use these great Storytelling Fun products!

Storytelling Fun has 50 different felt board sets to enhance your student's ability to retell stories in a fun and interactive way!  You can check out their website to find out more about all of their great products!

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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