Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{Review} Activities for Mastering Inferences

I really just can't get enough of the fantastic materials that Great Ideas for Teaching creates!  Today, I'm excited to share an awesome resource with you that targets the ability to inference, which can be a difficult skill to acquire for many children.  This book includes TONS of great pictures that students must infer information from.

The book includes 37 different "lessons" that each contain a picture page and an instructor's worksheet.  Every picture page includes "cartoons" that give a great hint as to what a person means without the person actually saying anything.

Also included in every lesson is an instructor's worksheet.  Each one of these pages includes a simplified definition of an inference, which is great for reviewing before and after the lesson.  It also has basic directions, as well as statements to read aloud to the student and questions for the student to answer.

What I love about this resource:
- It includes great pictures that lend themselves well to inferring information from the situation.
- It includes 37 different "lessons" which means that the book can be used over and over again without repeating any previous lessons.
- It includes easy to understand directions, so it can also be sent home as homework.

You can find this fantastic resource to teach the ability to inference for $29.50 HERE!

Disclaimer: This resource was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.  The opinions expressed here are solely my own.

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