Friday, July 5, 2013

{Review} Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information

I rarely work with groups of kids who all have the same exact goals.  In my ideal therapy world, yes, but in reality - not happening (at least, not very often)!  That's why I love materials that can be used for a variety of goals, like Comprehending More Complex Auditory Information by Great Ideas for Teaching!

This book is created for students, ages 9-13, who need additional practice with:
- auditory processing of oral language
- remembering events in order
- retaining specific information
- understanding subtly implied information
- relating events that occur in more than one time period

Each of twenty two lessons include four pages.  The first page in every unit contains a picture that shows a simple activity.

There are also three activity pages with each lesson.  The first activity page includes part 1, part 2, and if applicable, part 3, of the story with listening comprehension questions (e.g. "how did Joey clean up the mess?").

The second activity page challenges students to remember subtle points of the story (e.g. "what caused the big problem?") and to remember the sequence of events, given clues (e.g. "what did Joey do after his mother fixed his lunch?").

The third activity page includes understanding time concepts questions (e.g. "did Joey go into the living room before or after he ate his lunch?"), rapid recall of specific information (e.g. "Joey cleaned up the mess with a __________"), and retelling the sequential story.

What I love about this book:
- VERSATILITY!!  This book can be used to target listening comprehension, sequencing, concrete details, subtle clues, social language, and basic action words!
- The remembering subtle points of the story section in each lesson is awesome! This skill is just so hard to teach, so I'm glad that students can get a lot of practice with it!
- The story is divided into 2-3 different parts with listening comprehension questions following each section, which decreases the "overload" that some students might experience hearing a longer story that is not divided into parts.

Think that you'll love this book as much as I do?  You can find it for $32.00 HERE!

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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