Monday, July 1, 2013

{Review} Coordinating Auditory Information

Time for another WONDERFUL product by Great Ideas for Teaching!

Coordinating Auditory Information is a leveled resource that can be used to target auditory attention and auditory processing.

This is a great book to use when students have a good understanding of basic categories and can follow simple directions containing categories. It is designed to give students practice in coordinating auditory material, while organizing information into categories, actions, uses, and features.

Each of the 25 lessons contain 3-page story sections.  Every story has a large picture page that students can do their work on.  The picture below is an example of the "clothing store" lesson.

Also included in the lessons are two pages of directions and questions, broken into two different levels.

Level I statements are shorter and more simple, such as "cross out everything that does not belong in a clothing store" and "color the fur on the jacket yellow".

Level II includes directions that are a bit more challenging and longer, such as "use your red crayon to color two pieces of clothing worn around the neck" and "underline both girls' and boys' clothing that could be worn under a heavy coat".

What I love about this book:
- As I've mentioned before, I love any resource that is leveled for a variety of abilities.  It's like getting two books for the price of one!
- As with many other books by Great Ideas for Teaching, homework is made so easy!  Each lesson includes the student's page and each instructor's worksheet includes materials needed as well as directions.
- The pictures in this book can also be used to target basic vocabulary skills as they are of items that are readily seen and used in everyday environments.

If you're interested in finding out more about this fantastic resource for $29.50, you can do so HERE!

Disclaimer: This resource was given to me for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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