Saturday, May 25, 2013

All Things Butterflies!

Although many of you are reaching your last few days of the school year, I thought I'd share a fun and easy activity with you in case you're looking for a few last minute projects.  Check out these fun and easy hand print artic butterflies!

First, have students put their painted hands down on paper, cut the hand prints out when dry, and write their artic words on the fingers/wings.  Then, just cut a circle head, oval body, grab some googly eyes, and attach two pipe clean antennae.  Beautiful artic butterfly masterpieces!!

If you need a few more butterfly activities to complete your "ensemble", here are a few activities that I have available at my TpT store!

Butterfly Categories
This 27-page activity includes 78 convergent naming cards and 78 divergent naming cards that target both concrete and abstract categories.  Students take turns drawing convergent naming cards and determining the category that the items belong to or drawing divergent naming cards and stating items that belong to the category.

You can grab this activity HERE!

Butterfly Analogies
This 36-page activity includes: 

24 object : function analogies, 


24 object : synonym analogies, 

24 object: antonym analogies, 

24 part : whole analogies, 

and 24 object : category analogies.

Students take turns drawing cards, determining the relationship between the first comparison and then generating a word to complete the second comparison.

You can find this activity HERE!

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  1. I have been targeting a lot of comprehension this year.

  2. Auditory comp and figurative language.

  3. Social language and auditory comprehension.

  4. Vocabulary and comprehension. Social language is a close second this year.