Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review of Pocket Artic and Language Forest

Here are two more great apps by Pocket SLP for artic and language.

First up, is Pocket Artic!

This app includes over 1,000 stimulus cards at the word, phrase, and sentence level for 29 different phonemes!  It allows for a therapist to work with multiple students at one time and records data to monitor progress.  (Here, I just put my name in, but there is no limit to the amount of students that you can add!)

Work on just one sound at a time or multiple sounds by tapping the sounds that the student is currently working on!

The slide below shows the screen that each picture card and word is present on.  The left side of the screen
allows for repetition of the verbally presentation of the word.  Students can also record their production of the word, phrase, or sentence in order to provide them with auditory feedback.  It also gives an opportunity to track correct vs. incorrect responses and also includes a yellow button for approximate responses.  The bar at the bottom is without a doubt my favorite part of the app.  Within the set of flashcards, you can switch from the initial, medial, and final positions or mix the flashcards.  You can also switch between the "word", "phrase", or "sentence" level which makes catering to each student's needs easy and efficient!

Last but not least, this app makes tracking data easy and even indicates which words the student said correctly and which ones need a bit more work.

What I love about this app:
* It's thorough: This app covers every different sound and even breaks up the /r/ sound into 9 different sound categories.
* Different levels: Easily switch between words, phrases, and sounds, depending on what each student is working on.
* Pictures: The picture cards are great for younger students and allows them to be more independent.
* Recordability: (Yes, I just made up my own word!) Students can record their own words, phrases, and sentences to critique their productions.

What I would add to this app:
* /s/-blends broken up into specific clusters (e.g. /sm/, /sn/, /sk/, etc)

You can find this wonderful app for $9.99 through iTunes or at Pocket SLP's website.

Last but definitely not least is Language Tree.

This app is awesome for language students working on a variety of goals.  It offers picture flashcards for: associations, categories, describing, texture, emotions, functions, guess the word, if...then statements, color naming, shape naming, transportation naming, root words, synonyms, and wh-questions.  Text-only flashcards are provided for: adjectives, definitions, irregular past tense verbs, and opposites.  In all, this app comes with over 50 decks and over 1,300 cards!

Because there is so much variety, I would definitely suggest hitting up "tutorials" under the "info" tab first to understand how the app works, so that you can get the most use out of it.  The instructions in the tutorial sections are short, but easy to follow.  Here's an example of the association cards.  This is the "study" section, where data isn't necessarily recorded, but the "quiz" section allows for easy recording of correct, incorrect, or approximate responses.

Simply tap the "flip" icon at the bottom of the screen to see the correct answer to the prompt.

This app also allows you to record specific data and notice certain questions/prompts that may be difficult for your students.

What I love about this app:
* It's thorough: This app touches upon so many of the goals that my students are currently working on and I can use it with a variety of groups.  I think you'll agree!
* Data collection: Not only does this app allow for data collection, it also points out specific flashcards that were difficult for the student. 
* Versatility: This app can be used for a wide range of grade levels.  I used it with kindergarteners working on the function of objects all the way up to 5th graders working on understanding emotions.

What I would add to this app:
* It would be great if the answer cards also had picture cues on them.

This app is currently $3.99 and can be found on iTunes or at Pocket SLP's website.

I hope that you might find these great apps useful in your therapy room!

Disclosure statement: WordNerdSpeechTeach was provided with a copy of these apps for review.  No other compensation was provided.

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