Friday, May 24, 2013

{Review} Tell Tale by Blue Orange Games

Here's a review of another great product, called Tell Tale, by Blue Orange Games.

General Overview
Tell Tale is designed for ages five-adult and can be used with 1-8 players.  It includes 120 picture cards, highlighting characters, settings, objects, and emotions, that can be used to create and retell stories!  Tell Tale can be used to target language, listening, creativity, and self expression.

A Speech and Language Perspective
Obviously, from a speech and language standpoint, this game is awesome for targeting story telling.  However, I used this activity for articulation and also included additional ways to use this product.

*Articulation - I have a few older elementary students who are working on carryover of their speech sounds.  Although we often work with their academic material, Tell Tale provided a great and fun break!  Specifically, one of the groups worked on carryover of the /r/ sound.  In this example, the story about this set of pictures was, "There once was a man named Peter who wrote a letter. When he was done with the letter, he had a party and served hamburgers.  Then, he took a vacation to a warm place."  Tons of /r/s in just one sentence!!

Here are a few other "out of the box" ways to use this product:

*Syntax - By presenting one picture card at a time, students can work on syntax skills in short sentences.

*Grammar - Target a variety of different grammar skills (pronouns, verbs, etc) by making short sentences about each picture.

*Attributes - Played like "I Spy", spread 4-6 object pictures out on the table.  The therapist or students can give 2-3 clues about an object based on its attributes and then the others can guess which object the person is describing.

*Sentence Repetition - The therapist can break the story up into individual sentences and then the students can repeat sentences of varying length.

What I Love Most About This Product
Any product that can be used with multiple grades and to target multiple goal areas is a great product in my book.  Furthermore, any product that my students see as a "game" is even better in my book.  This activity hits both of these areas!  The pictures are bright and vivid.  This activity had no problem holding my student's attention since the stories often became pretty silly and there were lots of giggles!

Where To Find This Product
You can find this great product HERE at Blue Orange Games!!

In honor of ASHA's Better Hearing and Speaking Month, Blue Orange will send a free copy of the game Flapz to interested therapists at the end of May. Blue Orange Games has would like to invite OTs and SLPs to subscribe to their therapist list so they can take advantage of this offer and future opportunities. You can take advantage of this opportunity by clicking on this link!!

Disclosure statement: Word Nerd Speech Teach was provided with a copy of this game for review.  No other compensation was provided.


  1. Hi, I was just wondering where you heard about the promotion for Better Speech and Hearing month. I can't find anything on it and I already subscribe to their list. Thank you!

  2. Directly from the company, actually! They emailed me the info when we were corresponding about the product. It sounds like an end of May thing though, from how I read it. :)