Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{Review} TpT Products by The Queen's Speech and a Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be bring you a review of three great products by The Queen's Speech!

First up, is Snail Sentence Repetition {Long Version}.

This 21-page activity includes:
- 2 pre/post test pages (which are great for collecting baseline data!),
- 13 "Snail Trail" practice pages
- 20 sentences at each level to repeat verbatim (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 words)

What I Love About This Activity:
- The range - This activity includes 20 sentences at 10 different levels!!
- Data tracking - We used the "Snail Trail" sheets to track progress.  One student was green and red and the other was blue and orange.  If the students repeated the sentence correctly, they put a blue or green chip on the circle spot.  If they produced the sentence incorrectly, they put an orange or red chip on the circle spot.  This is just one more way that this great product can be used!
- The graphics - These super spring-y graphics go right along with my snail theme!
- The price!  At only $2.00, this product is a great value!

Next up, is Speech-Language Therapy Objective Binder.

What a creative and useful product!  This wonderful material allows students, co-workers, administrators, etc to know that the therapy objective is for the day in this easy to use activity!  This product includes objective pages for:
- artic
- fluency
- voice
- social skills
- asking/answering questions
- following directions
- retelling stories
- pronouns
- plurals
- verb tenses
- vocab
- progress reports
- life skills
- figurative language usage
- organizing writing
- defining words

Here is an example of a few of the sheets that are included.

What I Love About This Product:
- It's so simple, yet so useful!
- It reminds students what "mastery" looks like.
- The price - At $2.00, this product is one that you just shouldn't be without!

Last, but certainly not least is Summer Sea Creatures {Language Pack}!

This "catch all" pack includes:

- 50 directions to follow related to the pictures on the page,

16 regular past tense verb fill-in-the-blank sentences,

16 irregular past tense verb fill-in-the-blank sentences,

15 fact or opinion sentences and 15 answer cards,

42 sentence correction cards,

13 "who am I cards" with a description of an animal and 13 answer cards,

1 sea creature board game,

2 sea creature die!!

What I Love About This Product:
- Versatility - I can find a use for this product in just about every one of my 1st - 5th grade language groups!
- The amount of cards for each area targeted
- The answer cards that go with the "who am I" cards and the "fact or opinion" cards
- The price - At $3.00, this product is so worth the "investment"!

If you love these products just as much as I did, you can check out more from The Queen's Speech at her TpT store, blog, or "like" her on facebook!

Want a chance to win "Snail Sentence Repetition" or "Take a Lick: Past, Present, and Future Popsicles"?  Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win "Take a Lick: Past, Present, and Future Popsicles" AND hop on over to Queen's Speech to enter her giveaway for "Snail Sentence Repetition" by clicking this link!

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  1. I'd use this as an activity with my kiddos who need help with verb tenses!

  2. i would love to get my hands on the objective binder, i see it being ver useful with next years IEP's. I already own Summmer Sea Creatures Language Pack and i love all the different activities it contains.

  3. Since I currently work with K-5, the fact that it can be used with many different populations is appealing!

  4. This activity looks wonderful! I work with students with dyslexia so the grammar portion would be great for them!

  5. Love summer! I am going to have to do a summer theme- maybe in the last phases of winter- when all I want is flip flops and a beach!

  6. This would be great for my students in extended school year programming and for my ocean theme next fall!

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