Monday, May 6, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I love activities that I can use for a large variety of groups.  That's why I was so happy when I found an activity that was similar to the following one on Pinterest and decided to recreate it.

Introducing... Umbrella Color Matching!  I used this activity to target colors, request, syntax, etc with my younger students and it was a fun reinforcement activity with my older students.

Start by making umbrella "tops" and "bottoms" in whichever colors you choose.  Put a small "swatch" of color on the umbrella handle to create the matching part of the game.  Place all of the umbrella parts in a container.  After the child has completed a task related to their goal, they can select a "top" and "bottom" (with their eyes closed, of course) from the container.  If the match is a true match, they get one point.  If not, they hang on to their umbrella parts because they may create a pair with those parts later in the game!

My students LOVE anything that somewhat resembles a game, so they loved this one!  I hope your students do it!

If you're looking for any additional "rainy day" activities, check out my TpT store!  (Or read on!)

I have so many students working on describing with attributes, which was the inspiration for "What's Under My Umbrella: Describing Fun!"  

In this activity, each child receives a cloud with describing raindrops.  

As the umbrella card is read, students put the raindrops under their cloud that match how the item was described.  

You can grab this activity HERE!

Next up is Rain or Shine Functions!

In this activity, students take turns drawing a sun with a function description and matching it with a picture raindrop!

You can grab this activity HERE!

If you have students working on categories, the next activity is for you!  Spring Shower Categories helps students learn how to sort items among twelve different categories!

Students take turns drawing a rain drop and placing it under the correct "category umbrella".

You can grab this activity HERE!

Last up is "Rainy Day Go-Togethers"!  

In this activity, students take turns selecting an umbrella and finding an item that goes with the picture on the umbrella.

You can grab this activity HERE!

Well, that about does it for all of my rainy day activities.  If you'd like to follow me on facebook to stay up to date with freebies and sales, you can do so HERE!  I hope April showers have brought you May flowers!

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