Wednesday, May 29, 2013

{Review} Three Amazing Products by!

Today, I have three great products to share with you from!

First of all, these products are so well thought out.  Each product has colorful and engaging picture scenes and each page is laminated, which makes the pages and individual pieces very sturdy.  Many products are already hole punched for easy storage and each product comes in its own plastic bag for easy storage!  (Talk about thinking like an SLP; we love to be organized!)

As I mentioned before, I have three fantastic products to share with you today including "Interactive Prepositions - Scenes Around Us! 4C", "Language Listening to Multi Steps 4A", and "Life Skills Predicting Problems 6B".

First up, is "Interactive Prepositions - Scenes Around Us! 4C"!

This product is great for targeting concepts such as "front", "between", "beside", "in", and "behind".  It includes four different "scene boards" such as: "The Beach!", "The Backyard!", "The Playground!", and "School Yard!".

Students can follow directions given by an adult to move certain velcro-ed pieces around the board (e.g. Put the snake in the boat.") or give directions to one another (e.g. "Put the shovel beside the pail").  I especially like this product because "behind" is always such a tough concept for my students to understand, but this product makes it easy to teach!  I also love the pictures that are used in the scenes because each item is a basic vocabulary word that the students can learn about.  The velcro "patches" around the board did throw off my students a bit, but after reminding them that sometimes we wouldn't need to use the velcro spots, they easily adjusted.  Overall, I think that this $21.95 product would be a great addition to any SLP's preposition arsenal!  You can find this product HERE!

This next product, "Language Listening to Multi Steps 4A", is wonderful for targeting multi-step directions.

It includes four different "scene boards" such as: "Jungle Fun!", "Alien World!", "Under the Sea!", and "Farm Fun!"

Students can follow directions given by an adult to move certain velcro-ed pieces around the board.  An additional "prompt samples" sheet includes "three detail" directions (e.g. "Put a monkey on a tree"), "four detail" directions (e.g. "Put a red alien between stars"), and "multi detail" directions (e.g. "Put the red fish in the cave and shell on the treasure) for each of the scene boards.  Certainly, there are even more directions that can be given beyond those that are on the prompt samples card.  Again, the scene cards also include pictures that can be used to discuss basic vocabulary.  I love how colorful all of the scenes are, as well as the "prompt samples" card for no-prep usage!  I would love to see even more tasks included on the prompt samples card because they're so useful!  At $21.95, this is a great product for multi-step directions!  You can find this product HERE!

Although all of these products are wonderful, this last one may be my favorite!  "Life Skills Predicting Problems 6B" uses six illustrated pages to help students predict problems that could happen in everyday life.

With twelve scenes on each page, this activity includes 72 questions, such as "What could go wrong with using a cracked glass?" or "What could go wrong with leaning out of a window?"  Not only does this activity target a student's predicting skills, but it also creates conversations about solutions to problems and ways to be proactive to prevent problems.  You can find this fantastic life skills product for $15.95 HERE!

In the future, I'd love to see activities that can target multiple goal areas at one time from, but all of the above products are just wonderful!

You can also follow on facebook or visit them on their website!  Thanks for checking out these useful products!

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