Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My PlayHome Companion Pack Review

I recently got the opportunity to use and review Teach Speech 365's "MyPlayHome Companion Pack".  I LOVE this product and I'm sure that you will too!  Read on to find out what this product is all about!

This product is SO useful that I actually decided to bind it together to make my own little "book"!

It includes:

- 6 sheets with every object in each room (bathroom, parents' room, kids' room, living room, kitchen, and outside)
Students can either point to the item after the adult names it OR point to an object themselves and name the object.
- 6 sheets of 1-step directions for each room
Students follow the direction stated by the adult.
- 3 sheets of 2-step directions 
Students follow the direction stated by the adult.
- 2 sheets of 3-step directions
Students follow the direction stated by the adult.
- 6 sheets of concepts for each room
Students follow directions related to the following concepts: on, off, closed, open, near/next to, in, above/over, full, empty, in front and behind.
- 1 receptive activity: "What am I thinking of?
Students listen to a description of an item and then find a word that matches the definition.
- 1 expressive activity: "Find something that is..."
Students find objects that have various attributes.
- 1 additional activities sheet 
The sheet includes 6 additional activity suggestions to do with this app!

So many different activities packed into one product!

What I LOVE about this product:
- I have had this app for quite awhile and my students really enjoyed this app; however, I never felt like I was able to take full advantage of it.  Now with this packet, I really feel like I can.  I can use every object in each room in many different ways.  It also makes therapy sessions so much easier because I can work on many different goals and/or levels at one time.  I used this packet with a group of students where one was working on 1-step directions and the other three were working on 2-step directions and it was so awesome!  I also used it to work on basic vocabulary with another group of students who loved it just as much and were so excited to get a turn to name pictures!
- Another great thing about this packet is that it creates an easy way to keep track of growth.  I printed out the vocab sheets for each room, dated the sheet and then just put pluses and minuses by each of the items as we went through the activity.  Now when we review the vocab words, I can see the new words that each student knows.

What I would change about this product:
Truthfully, nothing!  I would highly recommend this product for anyone working on basic vocabulary, 1-step directions, 2-step directions, 3-step directions, concepts, and attributes!

You can pick up this awesome product HERE!  Please also consider "liking" Teach Speech 365's facebook page for awesome freebies and sales!!

Teach Speech 365 reviewed my "Spring Monsters Inferencing Pack".  You can find her review here and you can find the packet HERE!  Please also consider "liking" my facebook page for awesome freebies and sales as well!

I hope that our reviews shed a little more light on these great products for you!

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