Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Describe It App Review

Here is a review of yet another great app by Pocket SLP, called Describe It!

This app provides children with a great opportunity to learn how to describe items in seven different categories using taste, touch, function, sight, hearing, smell, and category!  Three different "games" are included in this app, that differentiates for varying levels of proficiency.  It provides tons of support for students who are just learning how to describe, but also allows for the assistance to be decreased as well.

This app provides a short, but efficient tutorial that makes getting started easy!  The tutorial provides the purpose of the app as well as a quick description of each activity.

I used this feature of the app for a group of younger students that need a little bit more support in their understanding and usage of attributes.  They passed that app back and forth, pointed to a "describing category", tried to guess the right answer, and then tapped the icon to see if they were correct.

Pass It
This game really gets the competitive juices flowing!  This feature is very similar to "Catch Phrase".  It allows students to break into two teams and describe objects to their teammates while the clock is ticking.  The team that is not caught with the iPad when the time runs out is the winner.  As with "study", students are provided with the "describing categories" at the bottom of the screen in case they are stuck and need a little bit of help.

Guess It
This feature of the app gives clues about a specific item, while the students get to guess the item being described.  This game is really neat because it's almost like "describing in reverse".  It provides examples of how to describe and shows students that they must be specific with their descriptions, while providing multiple clues when describing their own objects.

What I Love About This App:
- Versatility: I used this app with Kindergarteners all the way up to 5th graders.  Each student was able to work at their own level.
- Large amount of stimulus cards to choose from which means that this app can be used over and over.
- "Describing Categories" icons:  These icons are simple, yet self explanatory and easy for students of all ages to understand.

What I Would Add To This App:
- I'd love to see more "describing categories" such as where the object is found, parts, etc.

This is another great app by Pocket SLP!  At $6.99, it's a fantastic addition to any SLP's arsenal when working on describing with attributes.  You can find out more about this app through iTunes or at Pocket SLP's website.  

Thanks for reading about another useful app!

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